Thursday, October 29, 2009

Names and Words

So, I have begun work splitting the novels. Now I have a new dilemma.


I am tempted to continue the with the same naming convention. I believe that I will.

La Rose, Book I.

That is kind of boring. I think that I would like to do a subtitle. I am tempted to name the book after the heroine, but I am not sure if I wish to do it. There is another name that I am considering, but I was saving it for a entirely different book (still part of the same saga, I have only written 20 pages of it). Not sure if I wish to name it after the town.... Hmm, actually that may not be a bad idea. It would certainly catch everyone's attention...

New Orleans
Book I of La Rose

Le Baton Chronicles

Wow, I really like this painting. It perfectly describes Lela Chevalier Roberts who is the Holy One, La Rose.

Shucks, I am not sure what I will do. However, I do believe that I will have time to mull it over a bit. It will come to me.

Anyhow, the word count is really low. It is currently about 85K, but after I fill the story out a bit, it will come in at about 95K. Can you imagine that? Only 95K words? Gee whiz. It seems so short. But, perhaps folks make take more of an interest in it this way.


  1. Wow 95K doesn't seem so short to me. What genre is this? The names are intriguing enough that my interest is piqued!

  2. Good luck coming up with the name. That's always hard for me, too.