Monday, October 26, 2009


I'm going to do it again. I know, I said that I would not, but I am going to do it.

Once again, I will divide the book.

Currently, I have it broken into volumes and then books. Why not just allow each book to stand alone? I guess I fear that no one would continue to read the story is not presented all at once. But I have to have faith in the story, that readers would be anxious to read the next book. I must have confidence in the gift that God has given to me. I must have confidence in myself. I believe lack of confidence in myself or anything that I do is the root of the problem.


So from one super duper long novel, at least six novels have sprung forth, claiming their own lives. I guess they all may breath a sigh of relief, having room to grow and flourish. Well, it may not be such a bad thing afterall. Back to the writing pad!


  1. Happy writing La Fleur! It sounds like you have your confirmation, you just need to just in God's guidance. If you can brave a series long enough to have six complete story lines I think you will be fine!

    Blessings to you...

  2. If God put it in you to write it, it will flourish and prosper. Just have faith and it will all work out. I am happy for you girl! Yay! As Tamika said... Happy writing! :o)

  3. Great idea, I wish you much luck in splitting it again. You can do it!

  4. I have the opposite problem--my books are all short! So at least you have enough material to split!

  5. That is so exciting - being inspired with 6 books-worth of writing. Don't let the "demons" tell you you can't do it ... like you said, God's given you the creativity and drive, so run with it. ;-)

  6. Thank you ladies for your encouragement! Now if I can just get the time to do so...

    LOL All in God's time. ;-)