Thursday, October 15, 2009

Writing Again... A Little

I slept for about an hour last night, awakening at 1am. I lay there in the darkness for awhile, and then I would give the TV a try (checked out a History Channel presentation on the planet Mars). I turned off the TV and tried to fall asleep. I began thinking about the novels all of them. Watching them.


Finally at 4am, I give up on sleeping and jot down some notes. By 445, I turn off the light and the TV.

I hear my Father making coffee. It had to be at the latest 515

A bit of light filters through the heavy cloud cover. Somehow my eyes detected what found its way into the family room through the blinds. 715

Time to go to work.

After a few glasses of ice coffee once arriving at the office, I am on my way. I refused to allow anyone to upset me today. I stayed away from those who only seek to suck up my energy.

Today, I chose me. I liked choosing me. I felt good about choosing me. I believe that I will choose me from now on.

I checked out some spa treatments for my severely neglected body and spirit. Maybe I will by a new top.

Alas, it is time for me to return home. Let us see how long my good feelings will last.

Oh yeah. I did not type up my newest inspirations today. I wonder why? They are still scribble on my notepad. I guess I'm a little tired in a way. I think that all the drama at home has tapped me out a bit. Not sleeping last night did not help any. But, it will get better. Why? Because I'm going to make it better.

I am tired of being unhappy. Why should I be? I have no reason to be unhappy. God has blessed me with everything I need, yet I give it all away, keeping nothing for myself. Why do I do that? Is this the Christian thing to do? And when you give it all to someone who has a 'what have you done for me lately' attitude, what is the point?

So much to consider.


  1. So glad you are writing again. Even if it is just a little. :)

  2. Writing always helps me to clear my head. Even if you have to find just 10 minutes each day, that's enough. It all adds up.

  3. It feels great to get back on the horse! I hope writing can be cathartic for you :)