Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Continual Growth

Since splitting the novel for the umpteenth time, the saga overall has taken on a new life, blossoming, unfolding, growing. I am shuffling storylines around... characters are evolving. Those who had small roles before are growing, sharing more of whom they are and how they came to be.

It is funny, but once I let go of my idea of what the series should be, it has become what it actually is. So now, I am just going with the flow, anxious to see what the story will become.

I guess that I will not finish anytime soon. Ha! But then again, maybe I will complete all sooner than expected.


  1. You could surprise yourself. I'm glad to hear you have the direction for this project.

    Happy writing!

  2. I know what you mean about allowing new (once-marginalized) characters to blossom when you restructure your book ... isn't it a great feeling that there's no end to your creative possibilities!?

  3. You can do it, just keep going. Just wrote a blog you might find interesting. Take a peek!