Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Catching It All

I awoke at about 4am this morning, my mind teaming with scenarios for the novel (s). It played out before me as if a movie.

Dilemma: Do I get up and write it down?

Sometimes I do, but sometimes I don't, rolling the dice that I will remember all in the morning. Well guess what?


I did not get my lazy so and so up to write it down. "You should leave a pad and pen beside your bed, so that you can jot down ideas." Yeah, if I was smart! LOL Before I moved, I did keep a pad and paper close by. However, I do not have a private area anymore, so I try to keep my things put away. In any case, I bet if I leave my pad out tonight, nothing will come to me. LOL Funny.

Good news! As I write this blog, some of the storylines are beginning to come back to me. That was it! I was thinking about scenes for the final book. Weird huh? I cannot even get the first one finished/published, but I am writing the final book. It just goes on and on. I am not complaining, though. As I have said before, I could write their stories for the next ten years. This is how I have written all of the novels, well over 1 million words total, if I had to guess. The stories come in flashes and dreams...

In any case, I will stop blogging now, so I can jot down a few notes to expound on later.

Happy writing!


  1. A pad and pen bedside--I do that. And,I try to carry a pad and pen everywhere I go.

    I hope the lost storylines come singing back and you run with them!

  2. I'm glad your feeling creative again. Who cares if it's for the final book. At least you have ideas.