Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blah! Day Two

LOLLOL... What is going on with me? I am sitting here at my desk, my notes open, eating a Jimmy Johns Roast Beef Sandwich (not bad) and I cannot buckle down! It is not writer's block, all I could do was think of the book last night (as always). I am not quite sure what the problem is. I'm just kinda bored and tired. Well not really. Ugh! This is so frustrating!!!

Maybe I have overdosed on it all. Hmmm. Not sure what to say. I probably should take a break. I have been working on this novel for nearly three years, every day. Yup, probably a little burnt out. Perhaps I should take a break from it all and read the works of others. The only books I have read throughout this process are the Bible and Time Traveler's Wife. I stopped reading Time Traveler's because I feared that her writing style was beginning to intermingle with mine.

The experts say that writer's should read the works of others, but should one do it while working on their own stuff? Any thoughts?

Well, I'm nearly finished with my sandwich. It was good!

Happy Sweetest Day to all.


  1. (1) I always dream and think of my book at night and then when I actually have some free time I can't seem to write. Sometimes I think it's fear. Fear of failure. Fear of success.
    (2) Reading is a great release. When I read a great book I'm inspired to writing something great of my own. When I read something mediocre (or cringe worthy) it makes me realize that if they can get published, I might have a shot too.

    (** The YA book Perfect Chemistry was my recent inspiration. I loved it so much I wanted to create something just as enticing)

  2. If I have one weakness that is more nail-through-the-eye-socket painful, it's the butt-in-chair syndrome. As in it's impossible for me to stay there...without checking websites, facebook, my blog, email every seven seconds or so.

    This is one reason why I love to do Nanowrimo. It forces me to get it together and focus. I am so productive during Nano!