Friday, May 1, 2009

Shout Hallelujah!

Guess what? I finally finished! La Fleur is finished!

Well, for the most part. I will probably take a month off and re-read it again. I browsed the chapters today and found some little things... typos like 'he' instead of 'her', 'the' instead of 'they.' It is so frustrating! Why didn't I catch them during one of the first 10 edits? Its like trying to get lint off of a black suit.

Well, now I can do some other stuff. Tomorrow I will clean my bathroom. OMG... I will also update the chapters here on this blog.

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Well, let me daydream some more. I'm not sure if can just sit around idle and not work on a novel. LOL I think that I will resume work on the second novel in the series, Resurrection, this weekend. ;-)


  1. So, are you planning on submitting to agents, or trying to do the self published online thing?

  2. I am going the traditional route, submitting to agents. Nothing is wrong with self publishing; however, I have put 3-5 years of my life into my novel. You know Ferret, it is the first thing that I've done that I feel good about. I am hyper-critical of anything and everything that I do. This is the first thing that I've done that I believe in my gut can make it.

    But I cannot take credit for it. This novel is a gift from God. I never had the intention of becoming a writer. Who knew but Him! LOL

    Sometimes, I do consider having 20 printed for family and friends who want to read it though. But I doubt if I will do it.

    Have you considered self-publishing?