Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Morning After

I actually had fun last night. I'm trying to live again after spending 3 years writing this novel. I stopped at some local spots... The Snuggery in Union Station... Then on the way home, I disembarked the Metra in Chicago Ridge and stopped by Nikobee's to hook up with my sister and her boyfriend. Last stop, Paddy B's in Orland. It was fun.

So now, I am ready to go out and do some Mom's Day shopping and to get my Father a gift for his birthday! It's a beautiful day here in Chicago. Well sort of. The sun is bright, but the rans are just over the horizon. Very picturesque. I should take a picture so that I do an oil painting of it later.

I guess that I'm taking a little hiatus from writing, huh? LOL

Have a great Saturday!

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