Wednesday, May 6, 2009

On Time

Wow, I made it to work early today. Fabulous! I just knew that I would miss my train, but I actually made it.

During my chauffeured ride into the city (Metra), I manage to work on my synopsis, completing yet another chapter. It is my goal to contain each chapter to a one page summary. Ugh... There are 90 chapters in this book, well more like 96 if you count the Level One headings... So that means that the synopsis will top out at about 100 pages. LOL Agents may receive it and say WT*? LOLLOL

I must admit that it is long, but it is a page turner, according to my biggest fan, Dionne. She would come into the office and curse me for different turns that the story would take. So although long, it is interesting.

How long is it? Well, it is a little under 325,000 words. So you say, 'Well, how long is that?'

Just did a little research on Wikipedia. La Fleur is not that long. It does not even make the list. If you would like to check it out, visit

But still need a better ideal? Well, Infinite Jest by David Foster Wallace is 479,198 words, War and Peace by Tolstoy is 560,000 words. The Bible is about 792,000. Ulysses tops out at about 269,000 words and Uncle Tom's Cabin is 187,810 (info from message board).

La Fleur is far shorter than The Stand by Steven King, Lord of the Rings by Tolkien and Clarissa by Richardson. Gone with the Wind is about 417,000 words as well.

LOL, knowing that, maybe I will add one or two chapters back into the story! Well, maybe not. Apparently only new novelist tend to write huge books with a large word count, according to Colleen Lindsey's blog. But it is food for thought. Ugh, no wonder writers drink.

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