Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lost and Turned Out

I do not know what to do. Every since I completed the 5th (more like the 8th) edit of La Fleur, my life has become empty. It has been my primary focus for so long... I am just confused.

Sure, there are three to four other novels that I can work on, but I don't know what direction that I wish to take with them. It is funny, the first and last novels (Le Baton) are the easiest. The middle ones are killers. While working on La Fleur, I could not wait to finish so that I could work on the others. But now that the time has come, I don't have the desire to do anything.

This weekend, I did a little work on Resurrection. Then I worked on the synopsis for La Fleur. Finally, I did not do anything, but sit there and watch TV.

Yesterday was a bad day.

Anyhow, on my way in to work, I tried to catch some winks on Metra. I think that instead of making Resurrection the 2nd book, I will do Chevalier, which starts once Mary and Jeremey leaves Jerusalem.

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