Monday, May 18, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I'm writing again. I had nothing to do and I was so lonely. I have no where to go. Now that I have alienated myself from my friends while writing La Fleur, nobody calls anymore. I appreciated the silence while writing, but once I stopped, I found myself to be lonely.

So after sitting around a couple of Saturdays in a row doing nothing, listening to my sister and her boyfriend bicker while he continously paces the floor in his biker boots (I need to get his a** some fuzzy slippers) I could not take it anymore. This past Saturday I opened up Resurrection.

I sat there puzzled for awhile, unsure of what to do. Edited a little. Unsure of which way to go. Then I heard, just start writing. And I did. Julian's evil a** stepped up. Wow, he is crazy. But I understand why.

So I'm back on track again. How long did my hiatus last? I think that I finished La Fleur on May 1st? So about 3 weeks?

My poor liver...


I would like to welcome Jill Guidry! She is currently reading the first few chapters of La Fleur. She seems to like it too!

Be sure to visit her blog She is a very nice lady. We are Twitter Buddies!

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