Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lela Morning

If in Chicago, did you catch the sunrise this morning? Well neither did I, but I enjoyed its aftermath. 7AM... A Lela Morning. What's a Lela Morning?

Lela could still smell the dew. The smell of the earth comforted her. It smelled of life, of promise. It had a way of getting into her nostrils, traveling through her nasal passages and then welling in her chest, causing her to feel alive and rejuvenated. With the dew of the morning, she reconnected with nature, unifying with God. --- La Fleur

The morning sun has a way of illuminating the dew ladden atmosphere, giving it the appearance of Eden. The plantlife appears extra green and vibrant. When in Mississippi visiting my grandparents, I would enjoy mornings such as these...

But now the morning has surrendered to the day, and we must release our dreams, if only for just awhile.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. I love mornings like that. Sunrises are beautiful over the mountains in our state. I took a lot of those sunrise photos and uploaded them to my Facebook page. I'm a fellow southerner from NC.

  2. I do too, Jennifer! Complete and total renewal... It is one of those spirit moments... I believe that if my life was to flash before my eyes, the vision of these mornings would pop up!

    I will check out your sunrises on your site!