Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Unbelievable! I have devoted my entire evening to working on my blog instead of editing my book. I guess that is why I hesitated creating this blog in the first place. I knew that it would consume me... reading other blogs, finding out what's new in the world. I need to focus and finish what I have started! But I can't write every free minute! Well, I do. It is like "fire shut up in my bones..." I'm becoming a little weird and withdrawn...

I will lose novel-time tomorrow as well. One of the guys who I support is leaving the company. I am happy for him, but I will miss Bill too. Anyhow, I plan to attend his going away party. I have to figure out how to get to the train station in the morning (I cannot drive, long story... but if I leave my car in the commuter lot overnight, I will get a ticket), how to get home (the party will be at Morton's in Rosemont, I live near Orland Park... wow, 60 miles one way). It is a logistical and financial nightmare for me. I'm on the wrong side of the payday... Well, I won't get into that day-terror.

Let me roll up my hair and go asleep. I will blog with you tomorrow.

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