Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Lela Chevalier Roberts!

February 12, 2009

Today, I am celebrating the 157th birthday of my friend, Lela Chevalier Roberts. Lela was born a slave on February 12, 1852 to her father, Augustus Chevalier on his plantation in St. Helena’s Parish, Louisiana. Little did anyone know that Lela is La Rose, Holy to the Lord, the mother of His children. Lela returns to the earth, yet again, to further the Vine, bringing forth its blooms in season, the children of the Lord.

With Satan's many attempts to destroy Lela and her children throughout her lifetime, her greatest challenge proves to be her great-grandson, Julian Charles Chamberie. After witnessing his mother Josephine plummet from the third floor of their home to her death, Julian becomes cold, unable and unwilling to feel and to love ever again. If he cannot love, how can the last generations of the Most High come forth?

When Julian returns to New Orleans during the March on Washington in August, 1963, he plans to place Lela, who is now 111 years old, in a nursing home, sell the mansion and auction off its contents. However, Lela narrates for him their family’s long and complicated history, attempting to explain his mother’s death. Lela’s story forces Julian to contend with the realization that his mother committed suicide, out of anguish for ruining his life.

Julian flees their home, running to City Park. As he weeps for his mother, an old woman sits beside him. She listens to his heart's hurt, soothing and comforting him with her words of wisdom. As she leaves, Julian remembers her perfume, realizing the woman’s identity. Julian runs after her, reuniting with his greatest love, his mother Josephine.

La Rose succeeds in furthering the Holy Line in its march towards it vintage fruit, La Baton.


Well, this is my novel, La Fleur; however their is much more to the story. I have attached the few chapter of the book. The novel is approximately 340,000 words.

Each week, I will post a few chapters from the novel. Click on the links at the left to read the first few chapters!

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