Friday, July 3, 2009

Short Story

Selling La Fleur is not going so well. I am receiving rejection notices in no time flat!

So, I have decided to take a new approach. In an effort to build some writing 'cred' I have decided to shop around a short story which I wrote about two years ago named Mildred's Twilight. The story is a little over 2800 words in length.

In Mildred's Twilight, Mildred lives her 85th birthday without joy or excitement, lamenting her unrequited love of 45 years, Sydney. As she goes through her day with her little dog Prissy, she observes others in love, while shunning those who love her. She hears her love calling her, as she has for decades, but ignores it. Returning home, she turns on the television to find Easter Parade playing. As she watches the final scene when Hannah calls on Don, forgiving him for all of the hurt that he has caused her, she realizes that it is because of her unwillingness to forgive that love has passed her by. Mildred gives up hope as loves embraces her in its arms.

I hope that I can get it published. Then I will have one writing credit to my name! I believe that I will publish some outtakes from La Fleur as well.


  1. stick with the novel....

    rejections are common, and don't forget, it's not a rejection of your or your writing, but more than likely a rejection of something they have already done, or are currently doing...

  2. I was kicking around the idea of trying to get a short story published, too. I don't have any writing credentials, and I figured it couldn't hurt. The problem is, though, I'm not passionate enough about it to try and sell it. So I'm sticking with my novel. By the way, I've also received my fair share of rejections. It's just part of the business! Good luck to you.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement, Andrew and Lazy Writer. I have not given up on the novel, not by any means! LOL I have invested too many years to do that. But I thought that it would be nice to sell the short stuff too. Maybe it would help to get my foot in the door.