Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Oye. I started writing yet another novel last night. I knew that it was coming. It is about Lela's lost daughter, Samantha, who Richard pulled out the Seine River. Richard killed Lela's husband to take control of her daughter and the House of Chevalier. Samantha will tell of her life living with her Aunt and Uncle in Floridian Louisiana and the Hamptons during the 1890's. Although 'Uncle' Richard has told her that both of her parents are dead, she can see in the spirit that her mother lives, and her wars to reunite with her.


  1. Sounds interesting! Good for you for starting another novel. I need to follow suit!

  2. It is crazy! How does one work on 4 novels, all at different points in time, all at once? It is strange...

    But you will. It is not like we can plan these sort of things. One day, the pressure becomes so great, that we sit and write, and it all spills out. Then we can have the joy of editing it for over a year! LOL