Friday, July 17, 2009

Rejection Letter

Yikes! I received another Reject Letter yesterday. Strangely enough, it does not bother me anymore. I always joke and say that my love life has prepared me well for the writing biz! LOL

I think that these days I am more interested in writing the story than publishing. Do not get me wrong, I want to be published, but the real joy is in writing the story, seeing the characters live through the pages of the novel. Will I ever become a published author? God only knows! But my loves (my characters) live inside of me and in the pages of the novels which I have written. Yes, that is where the joy lies for me.

Deep in my heart, I know that I will eventually find an agent who can sell the book. It is a good one. Sometimes I sit around and fantasize about what actors/actresses would play which characters. LOL It's true, I do see it becoming a film one day. Hopefully I will still be around once it does!

I have been an artist of one sort or another throughout my entire life. I was pretty good at oil painting, although I could always find something that was less than perfect within each of them. I never pushed to sell anything, though. My watercolors were ok. I was ok as a flutist, but gave it up in college. My fingers are stiff and I could not play anything faster than a 16th note. However, La Fleur is the first thing that I have done that I am willing to share with the world to enjoy. Yes, writing has worked out, because I do not control it, I simply write down what I am told.


  1. I love your enthusiasm and positive outlook. And you're right, the publishing industry is often compared to the dating world!

    Do you have a writing partner or group to help beta read your book and give some insight? My group is invaluable to me on this journey!

  2. Sorry about the rejection. Been there many a time! You are so right, though. The joy is in the writing. Seeing it in print would be great, too! We'll get there.

  3. I had to look twice to see the length of your book! WOW! you wrote a lot! Is there a market out there for that length? I thought anything over 100,000 was too much due to the cost to print it.
    I admire you for writing that book:)

  4. Hello, Claudia! I do hope that you get a publisher soon. I so badly want to read what you've written. Judging by the synopsis I've read at the margin, I'm gonna love it!

  5. Aww, Thanks Peter! I hope that I get one soon as well. If you like the read the first few chapters, flow the links at the top of the page, to your right. Thanks for your words of encouragement!


  6. Hi Terry,

    Yikes! I always believed the Harry Potter books to be longer than mine, but I guess that I'm wrong. Dark Hollows eked in just above 198K. LOL I guess that it is a little long. Perhaps I will split it... there is a Book I and Book II within the novel. I just do not believe that I should. Maybe that is why the agents are running from me, screaming! LOL But hey, it is what it is. The tale is what it is.

  7. Hi Lazy Writer,

    Yes, in the sweet by and by, we will get to the promise land...

  8. Hi Meagan,

    I sorta kinda have a reading group. Two people have read it cover to cover and loved it. The are avid readers, active in their own respective book clubs for over ten years. One reader comment that she La Fleur is the kind of book that she could read several times, for she always see something new, make a new connection, gather a deeper meaning. I was flabbergasted. I said, 'ok, this is my first book.' But she said that 'it does not matter, if it is good, it is good.'

    I accepted her comments, critisicms and accolades for one reason, she is not a B.S'er. I know her well enough to know that if she did not like it, she would not have read past the first page.

    So they motivate me quite a bit. It keeps me going. I say to myself at times, "hey, if Dionne's mean a** liked it, there must be something to it! ;-)