Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Busy and Writing

How do we balance life and writing? Both are two pretty dominating forces to contend with. We must work our jobs, take care of home and family. At the same time, we have to satisfy the burning desire to put pen to paper, fingers to key board, and crank out all of the thoughts bouncing around inside of our hearts, minds and souls.

For me, I am now well into the 'busy season' at work, being that the holidays are near. As an Executive Assistant, I must not only attend to my normal duties, but the extra cares of conference planning, mailing lists and gift ordering for my boss's many associates, friends, families and clients. Needless to say, I am already exhausted. But even with all of this, my writing is placing pressure on me as well, constantly bombarded with new ideas, scenes, story organization (or re-org) the list goes on.

But somehow, it all gets done. I am always sleepy, but everything gets done. I dream of the days when I will enjoy uninterupted time to write, but I find when I am granted those few moments of serenity, I have nothing to say. It is an all or nothing situation. I must do it all at once or nothing at all. I am so accustomed to writing under pressure, I do not how not to.

How do you write? Do you do better under pressure or in a relaxed, serene enviroment (if such a thing exists)?


  1. Just last night I was writing away, you know, like in the zone, and I had to stop to go pick my son up from basketball practice. Later that night when everyone was in bed, I had all kinds of time to write, and I got stuck. So frustrating.

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  3. Writing for me, is also my passion. I find myself day dreaming often while I should be working: and just like you, I'm an office anything person. I do write much better without a whole lot of noise and movements (kids running around, animals ext.) You know your born to write, when you can think of nothing else. God Bless you, Tammy