Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lonesome Road

Edit, edit, edit. That is my life. It is not a bad life, just a lonely one. Not that I have ever been the big social butterfly, attending this soiree or that, boyfriends and such, but writing this novel has isolated me even more so than before. It is such a huge undertaking... Consuming.

I realize that I do not have much in the way of conversation anymore, except for the novel, and who really wants to hear about that? I know, I am a bit melancholy today... Many say why don't I take a break? I intend to, but I am pressed to finish this review. Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

I have a portion of the novel posted on a website. It is like American Idol for authors... the most popular book to be reviewed by the editors of a major publishing house. La Fleur is doing ok. Well, not really. I have the choice of promoting the book on the website or polishing it. I have chosen to polish it. I do not have the time to do both. In any case, the few who have read it continue to tell me that they are finding typos. Goodness! I have edited those chapters at least 5 times! But alas, I will go back and do so again... Like it was not going to happen anyway! LOL

Sorry that I am a little grumpy today. I actually started the day in a good mood. Then something happened to take the wind out of my sails a little. But I will go on, as we all do. Tomorrow is another day.

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