Monday, June 29, 2009

Searching for Normalcy

I finished moving. I hate moving, but I had too. So, now I'm settled into my new digs.

I don't dream anymore it seems. I could once dream while awake as well as when I slept, but now I cannot do the waking piece. While I sleep, I have many unpleasant dreams, but some seem hopeful too.

I labor to focus on writing again. Too many distractions where I now live. I think that my characters have abandoned me in a way. I cannot connect with them as I once could. I guess that it is my own fault. I don't believe in fantasies or dreams anymore. I just see what is. Well, what can be percieved in the physical. I don't like it here. It is a very harsh world. I curl up in a ball and take the punches.

Otherwise, everything is ok. LOL. I know, it sounds kind of depressing but I am not. I have changed, that is all. I have changed.

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