Monday, June 29, 2009

My Mike

I wish to extend my condolences to the Jackson family on the lost of Michael Jackson. He will be missed. I hope that he found his joy and happiness before leaving this earth.

This is probably one of my favorite Jackson songs.

We all have troubles in this life, perhaps even doing things that we wish that we could change. Life it not about a perfect journey, but about the journey itself, each soul experiencing and fulfilling what the Most High sent us here to do.

Searching for Normalcy

I finished moving. I hate moving, but I had too. So, now I'm settled into my new digs.

I don't dream anymore it seems. I could once dream while awake as well as when I slept, but now I cannot do the waking piece. While I sleep, I have many unpleasant dreams, but some seem hopeful too.

I labor to focus on writing again. Too many distractions where I now live. I think that my characters have abandoned me in a way. I cannot connect with them as I once could. I guess that it is my own fault. I don't believe in fantasies or dreams anymore. I just see what is. Well, what can be percieved in the physical. I don't like it here. It is a very harsh world. I curl up in a ball and take the punches.

Otherwise, everything is ok. LOL. I know, it sounds kind of depressing but I am not. I have changed, that is all. I have changed.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Fun weekend of pulling weeds. But it was cathartic. I needed to focus on tasks that could be easily completed, bringing closure. It went well and I accomplished much, but I still have a great deal to complete. In any case, the most blatant weed offenders have been removed from the premises. LOL Now, everyone can see and enjoy my roses.

Worked on Resurrection some more this weekend. I just had to let go and write it, instead of trying to make the characters conform to what I believe that they should do. Once I did so, it all began to make since. Major changes lie ahead. New characters have come to the forefront.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ko Ko Taylor

KoKo Taylor, the great blues legend, past away yesterday. I have loved her music since I was a small child. She was one of those artist who as soon as you heard their voice, you recognized it.

Thank you for gracing the world with your presence, Koko.

Pitch yo' Wang Dang Doodle all Eternity Long. ;-)


I have been working hard on my second novel, Résurrection. It is a bit of a struggle though, trying to figure out what to include and what I should break out into another novel. I'm a little distracted too.

I guess that this novel intimidates me because there is a lot of financial stuff going on. I believe that I had mentioned it before. Also, it is just hard for me to live in their world, for I always have to return to mine. It is not as if they live in utopia, far from it. I do not know... It is not as if I know what will happen in their lives until it is revealed. I don't know.

I guess that I just love their lives. They are exciting. They do not have 'cash flow' issues... Everyone eventually finds their true love. It may take a few decades but they eventually do. They have the power to change their lives and do. I guess that I have the power to change mine as well, but am afraid to do so. It will cause too many problems.

So here I am.

Monday, June 1, 2009


My thoughts and prayers go out to the passengers of Air France #447. I pray that they are well.

The disappearence of the flight has heightened my anxiety. I can only imagine myself in their place. God, I would be terrified. I hope that they find them soon.

Kinda put my own problems in perspective. I need to learn to cherish the days that God has blessed me with on this earth. I need to thank Him for keeping me and my family safe. But all I can do is bitch.

But as long as it is today, I will be grateful and Praise the Lord for all that he has done for me. Praise the Lord.